Reasonable Suspicion Training

Connecticut Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing offers DOT and Non-DOT Reasonable Suspicion Traing for both Managers and Supervisors to help identify and note suspected employees of being under the influence.

What this class includes 

Ensure that all supervisors understand their specific responsibilities for initiating and carrying out the drug-free workplace policy and program.

Know the Drug Free Workplace Company Policy

How to recognize and deal with employees who have job performance, personal, and family problems that could be related to alcohol or other drugs.

Observe and Recognize

Observation is key to early detection of emerging patterns of performance and attendance problems. Do not wait for performance or attendance to deteriorate to the point that the employee has little chance of remediating the situation. Addressing potential issues before they become serious problems is an important step in creating a safe, healthy, and productive workplace.


Documentation is an essential tool for identifying patterns in performance or attendance deficiencies. It is also essential for advancing corrective action. When you observe problem attendance or performance patterns, document them as they occur. When documenting, be specific about instances where performance and attendance failed to meet workplace standards. Be sure to provide employees with a well-defined job description, along with appropriate job training. In this way, you can be explicit about the behaviors you expect

Finally Act if Necssary


  • Creates a Safe work enviorment
  • Decresses absentiessm
  • Decreases Mistakes
  • Decreases Theft/Vandelism
  • Can provide a team building Enviorment
  • Done Onsite at your Location



  • Hartford
  • New Haven
  • New London
  • Several other locations throughout Connecticut


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