Types of Tests

From Lab Based to Rapids/Instant to DOT and Non-DOT to Hair Follicle  and Oral Swabs and also Breath Alcohol and ETG Testing we do it all.

New York Drug Testing lab based testing

Lab Based Testing

Lab Based Testing is used for DOT and Non-DOT testing.  

For Non-DOT testing it can be designed to fot your needs with any panel or drug of your choosing.

Prices Start at $35.00


Rapid/Instant Testing

Rapid/Instant Testing will give you preliminary results on the spot.

Rapid/Instant Tests can be designed to fit your needs with any panel or drug of your choosing.  Including Synthetics.

Prices Start at $35.00


Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT)

Breath Testing is used for DOT and Non-DOT testing.

All Testing for Breath Alcohol is done using a Federally approved device

Prices Start at $25.00


Hair Follicle Testing

Hair follicle testing comes in a 5,9 or 12 panel test.

Testing goes back 90 days.

Prices Start at $55.00

ETG, Oral and Synthetic Testing

ETG is an Urine Alcohol test that goes back upto 80 hours and is a Lab Based Test.

Prices start at $75.00

Oral/Swab Testing can be a lab based or Rapid/Instant test and can test for drugs and or alcohol.

Prices start at $35.00

Synthetic Testing comes in a lab based or Rapid/Instant test depending on what synthetic your looking to test for.

Prices start at $40.00



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