Cost of Services

We are a 100% mobile drug and alcohol testing company so all of our prices include onsite fees, collection fees, testing fees, MRO service fees as well as reporting result fees.

No more loosing production hours going to a lab, waiting to be called. 


All testing is done at your time and at your location in a matter of minutes instrad of hours.

DOT and Non-DOT Drug Testing

Lab Based Drug test

DOT and Non-DOT Lab based drug testing

Starts at $35.00

Instant/Rapid Drug Testing

Instant/Rapid drug testing which can be customized to basic 5,9,10 or we can customize any panel your looking for.

Starts at $25.00

Oral Swab Drug Testing

Comes in many different panels to fit your needs.  Get results in minutes.

Starts at $35.00

Hair Follicle Testing

We offer 5,9 and 12 panel hair follicle drug testing.

Prices start at $125.00

Synthetic Drug Testing

 Lab Based or Rapid/Instant testing.  You choose the drugks to test for.

Starting at $45.00

Additional info

All prices include collection, Lab testing, MRO Services and Resulting.



For Post accident/Reasonable Suspicion Testing there is a $35.00/hr (min 4 hours) charge.

DOT and Non-DOT Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol

We offer both DOT and Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing.

Starts at $25.00

Oral Instant Alcohol

We offer Non-DOT instant/Rapid Oral Alcohol testing.

Starts at $25.00

Lab Based Oral Alcohol Test

In cases where you will need an MRO to review results we offer lab based alcohol testing using a mouth Swab

Starts at $60.00

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