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Where we Began

Born in 2015 in Northeast PA because at the time and still today there is a epidemic happening with overdoses happening weekly if not daily. 

We started this to help at least one person to seek help who was afraid to ask for it and through testing they had no choice but to be honest with themselves, their families and at times their job but most importantly themselves.

All our specialists are trained and approved to do both DOT and Non-Dot Drug and Alcohol testing  

We have specialists ready and willing 24/7/365.  Prices start from $45.00 which includes everything from collection, testing and reporting positives and negatives.  We contact with LabCorp, Quest and CRL accounts or we can set up your own with any lab of your choosing.  

we are your neighbors

Local Collectors

It makes no difference, when you hire Connecticut Drug and Alcohol Testing you are getting local collectors who are from your area.  All of Connecticut Drug and Alcohol Testing collectors are your neighbors who know the area and are familiar with the trends and issues facing the region.  

 ennsylvania is where we started in 2015 and grew beyond its borders but never forgot where or why we started this company.  To know the importance of having local collectors servicing the area in which they live and raise their families. We will always have an office in Connecticut.   You can be assured that you can find us almost anywhere. 

Connecticut Drug and Alcohol Testing is excited to continue to make more memories and obtain more clients in this beautiful state.

Our Numbers are Impressive

Drug Tests Completed
Rapids/Instant Tests
Alcohol Tests
Hair Follicle Tests

Meet the Team

Founder and owner of PA drug testing
Michael Baldwin
partner and owner
Stacy B
local collector
Erin M
local collector
Brittani K
local collector
Tamara P
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